Saturday 14th August 2010 - Married for 3518 days

About Us


HelenI am 21 and a carer for people in thier homes.
I like football and support ~Liverpool fc~


JayneI am the big 40. I love my family and friends and cats.
I have a daughter and a grandson who keep me on my toes.
I love Helen as she has shown me that miracles do happen and that soul mates are real. I am a different person now and am so happy with my life and all that I hold dear.

How we met...

We met at a friends party after seeing each other briefly a few days before at a mutual friends house.

The proposal...

We were on holiday in devon with my family in july09. We had been to Paignton zoo for the day and Helen said that i didnt say "I Love You" loud enough. That night 9th july 09 we went to the clubhouse at the site where my best friend James is manager and we had arranged the week before that i was going to propose to Helen while we were there.We had all gotten dressed up and Helen was wearing a dress!!! It was all set and everyone knew what was happening ...except Helen. Just before the cabaret spot James fell over on water which sammy seahorse had thrown and bust his wrist. A quick rearrange later and James came on stage and called us up. Helen said all the way up to the stage that I was dead lol . WE got onto the stage and Helen sat on a chair and James stood behind me with the ring. I had the mike and said " today we were and the zoo and I was told off for not saying I love you loud enough, so Helen I want to say here and now in front of everyone here that I love you with all of my heart and....(getting down on one knee and james passing me the ring) I am proud to love u and have u in my life and i want to know if u will marry me??? Luckily Helen said yes straight away and everyone cheered and clapped. James sang "when u say nothing at all" and we danced on the dancefloor. Then James was rushed to hospital in agony with ripped tendons etc.