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Wedding Party Profiles

Read our fun profiles of the bridesmaids and ushers, as well as some little-known facts about our families!

Jayne's family
Who's who in my family

Catherine Hudson
Catherine HudsonJayne's daughter. More often known as "Cat" Likes music,kareoke and dancing. At college doing Business law and Tourism. Brendon's mum. Engaged to Chloe Allen
Brendon Hudson
Brendon HudsonJayne's cute grandson and one of our pageboys. Loves cars and cartoons. Aged 5 (6 the day after our wedding) Loves crab fishing at the seaside especially Brixham.
Jeff Hudson
Jeff HudsonJayne's dad. Into Ferraris and computers. Works as a taxi controller. Plays a guitar and has written some of the music for the wedding
Jayne Hudson
Jayne HudsonJayne's mum. Works as a check out operator. Likes reading and her ds,and suduko.
Chloe Allen
Chloe AllenJayne's daughter in law. Cats fiance and Brens stepmum. Likes music and anything Henley Clothing. Likes tattoos and piercings as well.

Helen's Family
Who's who in my family

Catherine Hudson Chloe Allen

Cat Hudson
Cat HudsonJayne s daughter. Jayne s bridesmaid
Chloe Allen
Chloe AllenJayne s daughter in law Jayne s Bridesmaid

Page Boys

Brendon Hudson
Brendon Hudsonaged 5
LukeAged 5

Ben Hudson